An Historical Comparison        
These issues are well illustrated by a comparison between two existing neighbourhoods in the north west of Milton Keynes, Greenleys and Wolverton, which represent respectively the ‘car suburb’ characteristics of the 1970’s and the more urban artisan housing characteristic of the 1880’s which can be found in the inner suburbs of English towns and cities, for example Fulham and Chelsea.

Both developments contain 3 bedroom houses of approximately 120m², off street parking and the type of construction is comparable.

Greenleys: density 25dph net
(125 bedspaces/ha)
Wolverton: density 52dph net
(260 bedspaces/ha)
Milton Keynes

Greenleys was built in the 1970s, and has a net density of 25dph - approximately 125 bed spaces per hectare - the current UK average for new residential developments. A majority of the houses are semi-detached, though some are detached and all have garages.

Milton Keynes

Wolverton was built in the 1880s and has a net density of 52dph. It consists of terraced houses and many residents take advantage of off-street parking accessed from a rear alley.